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Creating datasets and importing data

Learn how to build Layar connectors and create a dataset to use as input to our question answering and named entity models.

Before we jump into some of our text analytics tools, it's important to know how you can connect to and leverage the different levels of connectivity available when creating your dataset.

Data Fabrics

To better understand how a Data Fabric operates, we can think about a shopping mall. Imagine all of your separate data providers as specialty stores scattered around town. Each one does an excellent job of providing a customized shopping experience but as soon as you need a few different items you wind up spending all of your time traveling from store to store collecting the products you need before you ever get a chance to use them. Compare that experience to that of a shopping mall. Each store can still exist on it's own, providing a specialized shopping experience, but now you can visit all of them in a single location. Vyasa's Data Fabric architecture is like the mall in this scenario. Providing you access to all of your favorite data stores in one convenient location. And with our transformer-based machine learning applications sitting on top of that architecture, it's like having a knowledgable concierge desk with a single friendly face who can tell you anything you need to know about every store in the mall.


User Interface Only

Currently, managing your data fabrics is available as a feature through the Cortex user interface. We are working to bring these capabilities into the SDK soon!

Layar Connectors

If your Data Fabric is a shopping mall, Connectors are how you add shops to it. A major benefit of Vyasa's Layar Data Fabric is that you can add virtually any data store you like, with more and more being made available all the time. Layar comes equipped with a suite of built in connectors as a part of our canonical Data Fabric including clinical trials, patents, Pubmed, Arxiv and more. You can add your own connectors from sources such as AWS S3 buckets, RSS feeds, websites, SQL databases, local file systems and more.

Layar Sets

Sets are an incredibly powerful feature in Layar that allows you to collect related documents from across any of your data providers into reusable collections that can be created, managed, and searched right from the Layar API or user interface. Sets can be used across all of Vyasa's applications and through the API allowing you to build custom data collections without ever having to download or store a single document.