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Application Introductions

Quick five minute explanations about each product in the Vyasa suite.


Interested in More Video Content?

We have a full page of educational content around the applications and working in the user interface! Explore webinars, support videos for the user interfaces, and more on our company website.

Introduction to Vyasa

Vyasa leverages advanced deep learning to accelerate data accessibility and insight discovery for healthcare and life sciences. Find out how we improve analytics tasks from clinical trial analysis to de novo compound generation and more.


Valuable insights are stored across a variety of storage locations and file formats. Vyasa Layar enables you to overcome data silos and extract new value from your data.


Data fabrics connect content across cloud and on-premises storage locations. Vyasa Cortex provides a blue-print for building and managing data fabrics across your organization.


Vyasa Synapse enables you to conduct large-scale analyses of unstructured documents using QA and classification models within intuitive smart spreadsheets.


Vyasa Axon provides a highly-visual method of running QA via dynamic knowledge graphs.