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Constrain Transformers to a Specific Number of Cores

You can set Certara.AI to only use a specific number of cores when vectorizing information.



When editing the file, make sure only to add what is needed. Deleting or adding irrelevant fields can disrupt Layars ability to operate.

  1. SSH into your environment.
  2. Run sudo -i
  3. Run vim /data/layar/layar.config
  4. Press i to start editing.
  5. At the very bottom of the file add VECTORSTORE_TRANSFORMERS_OMP_NUM_THREADS=X
    1. I.E. If you have 12 cores, an X of 6 would result in Certara.AI using 6 cores when vectorizing data.
    2. A value of 0 results in Certara.AI using half of the available cores.
  6. Press ESC to exit input mode.
  7. Run :wq to commit the changes.