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Introduction to the API

Choosing Your Documentation Resource

We have built out three avenues to use the Vyasa Layar API: the Vyasa Developer Hub, the Layar Python SDK, and a Postman Collection.

The Vyasa Developer Hub is what you are currently reading - this is a collection of endpoints and documentation that you can interactively query via the browser to test out APIs in the language you are most familiar with.

The Layar Python SDK is hosted on Github - you can check out the public repo for its documentation, example requests, and inputs. This SDK is what we build our Vyasa Developer Hub endpoints from. This repo is also the most up to date in regards to documentation, endpoints, and new operations that may be built out as part of the Layar API product. For the latest and greatest, check out the SDK!


Documentation May Vary

Please note that some documentation in the Developer Hub references the Python SDK - in these instances, the commands displayed may differ from what you see in the example requests you find here. This is because they are referencing the requests from the Python SDK documentation. We make every effort to try and highlight these differences where we can. If you see a discrepancy, please reach out!

Keep Track of Versions

In order for the API to communicate with your instance, you need to use the same version of the API in your session as exists in your client instance. Reach out to Vyasa Support ([email protected]) if you have any issues finding out the version of your Layar instance.

In general, we suggest updating both your Layar instance and your installed API package on a regular basis.

Python SDK
To install a specific version of the API, you can run the following command at the top of your script - just be sure to type which version you would like to use (in the below command, it is going to install version 1.0.757:

!pip install  git+https://github.com/vyasa-analytics/[email protected]

Developer Hub
To work with a specific version of the API, reference the correct version of documentation (which you can find in the top left corner of your browser window).


Use the correct version of the documentation by selecting the correct API version.

Common FAQs

How do I authenticate?

To get your API keys, see Authentication.

How do I paginate my results?

See Limited API Results for more information.

Where can I find tutorials and walkthroughs?

Check out our Guides section for detailed step-by-step instructions on many topics, from getting started guides to building out full use cases.