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What is a connector?
Layar Connectors are how you connect your Layar instance to different data silos of information. When you create a connector, Layar automatically indexes the information within that database, and lets you query the content from all of these sources directly within a single aggregated platform, without moving or replicating that data.

ConnectorApi Class

The ConnectorApi class lets you programmatically manage & manipulate the connectors that exist within a given Layar instance. Using this collection of methods, you can:

  • Search for existing connectors
  • Retrieve/Update details about a specific connector
  • Add/Remove a connector


What is the difference between the ConnectorApi and the LiveSourceApi?

Currently, the ConnectorApi only manages & manipulates Twitter connectors, whereas the LiveSourceApi handles all other connector types (AWS S3 Buckets, Google Drives, etc.). Please reference the respective class' documentation for the connector you wish to work with.

Layar Connector Object

Layar Connectors are classified as a Cortex Domain Object. The Connector object is often used as a request or response in various endpoints, including the methods you'll find in the ConnectorApi.

For Python SDK users, please reference the Github Connector object documentation for the most up to date information.

Connector Object Properties

Please reference the Cortex Domain Object page for more information about the Connector object.